The FR@NK Theory of Constraints practice is focused on reducing lead times. Our customers have consumer mentalities and cannot understand why it takes I.T. so long to get them what they need. In order to meet these expectations, I.T. organisations have got to move away from traditional management frameworks and adopt new ways of working.

The FR@NK Theory of Constraints practice is focused on creating high performing IT organisations. FR@NK offers the following services as part of this practice.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is essential in identifying how work flows through the business. The value stream, in conjunction with lead time measures, are used to set up the continuous improvement programme. The value stream helps identify how long it takes to service a request, how long the request spent waiting to be serviced and how much time was actually spent working on the request. This allows the organisation to form a baseline of measures that can then be improved over time.

Continuous Improvement

Theory of Constraints views organisations as chains, and just as the strength of a chain is governed by the weakest link, the flow of work through organisations is governed by the slowest moving part. In a set of dependent events (links) the rate of flow across all events is determined by the slowest link. The Theory of Constraints approach states that if the rate of flow of work is governed by one (or maybe two) constraining links, then improving those links will improve performance overall.

Strategy Formulation

All improvement is change, but not all change is improvement; this is our mantra. FR@NK helps our clients define the goal for their organisations and all the critical success factors that contribute to that goal. We help define the current reality and present this logically so that the thinking is clear and is reflective of the environment. We then work to define the root cause (generally conflicting requirements in attaining the goal) contributing to the undesirable effects we observe in our environment. Breaking this conflict leads to solutions that can be injected into the organisation that the allows them make marked improvements in performance.

If you are keen to understand more about how we can help you achieve high performing organisation status, let’s chat.