At FR@NK we believe that your digital ideas should be brought to life. We do this by either facilitating sessions on your behalf or by providing you with the skills and know-how to do this yourself. What you get is a robust and repeatable process for testing and prototyping your ideas.

We begin our engagement by understanding what the idea is and how this benefits our target market. We then work to understand the current challenges our target market is experiencing and spend time analysing ways in which we can overcome those obstacles. This is where ‘out of the box thinking’ is valued and is at the heart of Innovation.

Mapping out the customer journey is key to understanding the potential pitfalls that could plague us along the way. It also helps to uncover the opportunities we have to streamline or bring in additional value through the customer journey. As the customer is central to every digital decision we make, it is important to get really clear on how we affect their experience both positively and negatively.

Fast feedback loops allow us to fold in customer feedback and iterate our way to greatness. As the customer is involved at every stage we minimise rework and can get your product to market faster.

We offer training based on the AJ Smart Design Framework so that you can bring these skillsets in-house and test and prototype your ideas with your customers. If you would like to know more about our consultancy or training services, let’s chat.